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WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., Nov. 15, 2018 — biodesigns, inc., Southern California, delivers the “Luke Arm” to amputee during the recent fires that hit Westlake Village.

Amidst the fires and evacuations that recently hit Westlake Village and surrounding areas, amputee Brian Roberson is one of a few individuals to receive the world’s most advanced upper limb prosthetic system – the modular, bionic Luke Arm and X-Frame Interface.

The Luke Arm, manufactured and distributed by Mobius Bionics LLC of New Hampshire, provides advanced features and capabilities including state-of-the-art flexibility, strength and dexterity. The Luke Arm is the result of 10 years of development by a team led by Dean Kamen’s company DEKA Research & Development, as part of DARPA’s (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program (RP2007).

Randall Alley, CEO and Chief Prosthetist for biodesigns, Westlake Village, was a primary interface (socket) consultant previously engaged by DEKA on the Luke Arm RP2007 project to assist with the user attachment strategy. Alley, knowing traditional socket approaches would yield inferior results and arm rejections, brought his innovative High-Fidelity and X-Frame interface designs to the program. His success with the Luke Arm system eventually led biodesigns to their own DARPA SBIR contract and now biodesigns is one of a few companies in the world authorized to fit this advanced bionic arm.

“At biodesigns we have an intense focus on socket/interface biomechanics and how it relates to user acceptance and user performance with their prosthetic system(s). While the prosthetic industry has seen incredible advancements in components, it has not only lacked progress in socket technology, it has all but ignored the critical role of the interface in ensuring wearer success. The sockets being used by most prosthetists today are decades old and have been plagued with numerous issues. As the components become more advanced, the interface or connection platform becomes vitally important. Our goal is to continue to develop innovative, non-surgical attachment approaches focused on achieving superior user comfort, stability, connectivity, and the ultimate goal – device embodiment,” stated Alley.

Brian, who is currently living out-of-state, traveled to biodesigns in CA due to their unique interface expertise, experience and success fitting this advanced arm system.

“I have experienced a lot these last few days but am very happy to be back at biodesigns office practicing with this new arm,” stated Brian Roberson.  As a machinist, this new arm will allow me to go back to work and help me regain my life back.”

About biodesigns inc.

Southern California-based biodesigns, inc. is a technology-driven prosthetics company specializing in the most advanced patient care, research and product development for individuals who have experienced upper and lower limb loss. The company’s approach utilizes innovative clinical techniques and the most biomechanically advanced prosthetic interface systems available, including the High-Fidelity Interface and Imager System. biodesigns works with upper and lower limb wearers of all ages and activity levels, but also provides interface/socket trainings and licensing to other prosthetists as well as consulting services in and outside the field of prosthetics.