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Introducing the patented and patents-pending exolimb,™ the world’s first limb exoskeleton platform for individuals seeking improved access and carrying performance. The exolimb™ is a breakthrough in human design interface integration as it allows individuals to effectively and efficiently utilize extremities to carry everything from tech, to tools, to equipment, to COMMS.
The exolimb’s compression technology provides a comfortable and stable platform, locking your items in place. No more sliding, slipping or rotating on your arm or leg. And with our intimate design, many of our users forget they are wearing it. So stop putting your items in your pockets or pouches. Wear your items securely and feel the freedom of our rapid access technology.


Designed for you, by you.


Configure. Assemble. Go.


Perform at your highest level.

Whether you’re off to your next appointment, doing a quick workout, running to the store, or going to the job site, the exolimb is the superior solution for your carrying needs. 

  • Professionals (Executives to Admins)

  • Allied Health (EMTs to Nurses)

  • Academia (Professors to Undergrads)

  • Sport Enthusiasts (Runners to Bikers)

  • Trades (DIYers to Contractors)

  • Military/First Responders (Soldiers to Police)

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