Randy’s Mission

The HiFi System is so far removed from current prosthetic sockets it is in a category unto itself - welcome to the world of Osseostabilized™ and Osseosynchronized™ Interfaces. It defies logic that sockets, be they solid or strut type designs, hand crafted or 3D printed, traditional or high-tech in appearance, so completely ignore biomechanics and the need for the interface to stabilize and synchronize to your limb.

If wearing a socket left you wondering if there was a better way, I am here to say your instincts are correct. Give HiFi a try before you consider another socket or something as radical as surgery. It is well documented that current sockets are plagued with numerous problems as a result of inferior design principles. Time to demand science over art.

Randall Alley, HiFi Inventor, CEO biodesigns
Wearer Feedback

With my HiFi I get greater stability along the entire length of my arm allowing my prosthesis to be stable at all different ranges of motion. My HiFi socket is easy to get into, there are no pitch points, no pain at my distal end, and I have way more degrees of freedom, all with lower trim lines. I have a better connection to all the sensors in my arm making everything much more responsive, and it is way more comfortable than my other socket. There is definitely a perceived notion that body powered prostheses are lighter, but with this HiFi socket, my myoelectric arm feels just as light as my body powered system.

Jason M.Humeral Wearer

It is the best socket on the planet. This socket allowed me to qualify for active duty military. I was unable to qualify in a traditional socket due to all its limitations, including a lack of stability, decreased control and poor performance.

Carey D.Radial Wearer, Active Military

The fit is really, really good. I am able to wear my HiFi’s all day, every day. I am back in school and am hoping to be running soon.

Jerry D.Bilateral Femoral Wearer

My HiFi socket is fantastic. It is very comfortable, no complaints. When it is on...it’s on. Since getting it I have been able to get back to the things I used to do before my accident. I got a new job, have been kayaking, and am back at the gym. I wear my HiFi socket from 6:30am to 9:30pm, every day. When I walk, I feel normal, it’s natural, and I don’t need to think about it.

David T.Tibial Wearer

I was in traditional sockets previous to the HiFi and they felt bulky, loose and heavy. In my new HiFi Interfaces my prostheses feel connected to me – they feel lighter, more comfortable, secure and I forget they are there. I am able to wear them more comfortably, even in hot Georgia weather, and they have better range of motion for doing my hair. I never have to worry about them falling off or sliding around in them. They look great and feel more natural than ever before. The windows allow my arms to breathe and provides a fleshy pad for doing transfers (in my wheelchair).

Aimee C.Bilateral Radial Wearer

The HiFi definitely gives me more stability.

Scott L.Femoral Wearer

"I put on the HiFi and I don't want to take it off. Get out of my way when I’m on this leg. I’m not going back to that old socket. This right here is what you need. I feel bad for everyone out there who is on a traditional socket because that sucks."

Jessica T.Femoral Wearer

"I feel like I can skip with the HiFi. It feels much lighter and more comfortable and I feel like I have more control of my prosthesis."

Linda L.Femoral Wearer

"With the HiFi, I can last twice as long if not more…I’ve become much more active and involved in tasks that I could not do before the HiFi."

Ron G.Femoral Wearer

My short sports prosthesis with its HiFi socket technology, built by Randy Alley and biodesigns, is the only prosthesis that I’ve ever been able to perform with in an immersed water environment, without utilizing the aid of a roll on locking liner. The HiFi fit is truly unique, comfortably hugging the contours of my forearm while stabilizing the prosthesis against undue rotation and providing superior suspension. I recommend the HiFi design for any active person wanting a better, higher performance prosthesis.

Bob RadocyRadial Wearer & CEO, TRS Prosthetics

The HiFi System allows me to do everything from basketball, to racquetball, to spin class, to running…to much, much more. With this design I can rely on my prosthetic side more than I could before. The technology behind the HiFi makes me feel more complete. I forget I am wearing a prosthesis. It fits better than any other socket I’ve used. I feel confident with everything I do.

Richard W.Tibial Wearer

The HiFi feels more like a part of my body.

Michael H.Radial Wearer

I was happy with my ischial containment socket but I knew I wanted more. With the HiFi Socket, it feels more like a part of me and I have improved range of motion and mobility. There was a noticeable difference in the first couple of days. With the HiFi I have more drive, more strength, more power, especially when doing squats. I was able to also notice the improvement just walking around the kitchen. It's just easier to move around. All the small steps are more accurate and easier to make. The HiFi is awesome.

Derek S.Femoral Wearer

The HiFi surpassed all my expectations. It locks me in and without using a liner. I previously tried a socket without a liner but it kept pulling on my skin. With the HiFi the pressure is in all the right spots and all along my limb. It also gives me greater control because my femur is not floating in my socket. There is more of a connection.

Travis R.Femoral Tester, Para-Athlete, Coach & Mentor

It’s the greatest invention in prosthetics in the last 100 years.

Chuck H.Bilateral UL Wearer

The HiFi makes me feel more secure and makes mobility more comfortable and easier. It is less and lighter - but I can get more out of it. It feels better all the way around. It feels more like a part of me. It moves with me. I’m not fighting it. There is not as much effort to get the movement I’m looking for. This is the feeling I’ve been looking for. It’s the anatomical extension of my limb.

Jeff F.Femoral & Radial Wearer, 2012 Paralympic Gold Medalist, Archery

I would like to thank the developer Randall Alley for this new prosthetic system for A/K amputees. I have worn a prosthesis for 47 years. This new system is a God send. I no longer sit crooked and the socket isn't as high on my body. I would love to shout from the mountains how great this prosthesis is. The prosthesis is so much lighter than the old sockets and the comfort level tops the charts. My husband says he has not seen me walk so well in a long time. I just love the HiFi System. It truly is a remarkable system and if it works for me after 47 years in an old quad socket - it will work for just about anyone. There was no adjustment time. It just works!

Debbie M.Femoral Wearer

It's more connected to me. There is no better way of saying it. There are no words to explain how much I appreciate the HiFi. I don't have any issues, no blisters, no rotation, no pistoning. I often forget I am wearing it. With the HiFi, my wife can't keep up with me.

Randy H.Femoral HiFi Wearer since 2017

When I was asked if I wanted to send the arm in for a minor repair I laughed and said no way! I use it everyday. I am not giving it up to replace a screw. It was purpose built for my exercise activities and for that it excels. Weight lifting and other exercises during the week and cycling on the weekend. The fit, snugness, and relief for the olecranon make it spot on. The biggest success story here is that I was in your office for one day. One visit and I have an arm that I use every day. I have been using this arm every day since you sent it to me in the mail. That was five months ago. biodesigns nailed the fitting, and I am using my prosthesis now, not delaying my goals or waiting for a new arm months on end. That is a big win!

Thomas N.Radial Wearer

We took a can-am up to Solvang. I was able to do the clutch (paddle shifters) with ossur's i-limb hand, but it was the HiFi's compression technology that allowed me to stay in my socket at high speeds on a bike with no fairing. I highly doubt any other socket could have held at those speeds on windy California roads. THANK YOU! My dream of returning to riding has been restored.

Adam G.Radial Wearer

"Tighter doesn't mean better or more comfortable. Prior to the HiFi I had a traditional socket with a BOA dial but even when tightened it kept slipping off when I would workout. Now with the HiFi Interface with suction suspension, I can do most anything and it is comfortable and remains stable and solid, even during my workouts.

JuanHumeral Wearer

I've had my HiFi Adaptive Interface since the beginning of 2016 and 4 years later I am still using it everyday to workout. The fit is still very good and I would score it a 10 out of 10 in comfort.

Andrew C.HiFi Transradial Wearer since 2016

This HiFi Interface is soooooo much better than any other socket I have tried. I wouldn't be using my myoelectric hand without this socket. It is comfortable, functional and feels as though it is an extension of my arm.

Kristin M.Radial Wearer

I traveled from Israel to Southern California to get Randall Alley's HiFi Interface. I am a challenging fit because I lost my limb due to an RPG. My residual limb is very short and has scarring and a prominent bicep tendon. I have been fit in sockets by experts for many years, however no other socket design compares to the comfort, control and stability of the HiFi Interface, even when attaching heavy myoelectric components. I have been in my HiFi Interface for nearly 2 years and have been very satisfied. Thank you biodesigns.

Eitan P.Radial Wearer, Israel Ministry of Defense, Retired

The HiFi saved my life. I'm more active than I have ever been. I don't compete as a boxer anymore, but I still train. I can still hit the heavy bags and do things I wasn't able to do without the HiFi. I looked at every review of the HiFi...I knew then that was my socket and I contacted Randy. I could tell from talking to him that he understood my situation and genuinely wanted to help me.

Eugene T.Femoral Wearer

I feel like my hand is back. My mind is tricked. It feels like it is an extension of my limb. I don't even think about it. My prosthesis doesn't slip off, I have a lot more range of motion, which is critical to me, and more confidence. My previous socket was useless and ended up the the cupboard. It was hot and painful with my bone flopping around inside the socket.

Jonathan C.Radial Wearer, ossur ambassador

I have had 7-8 different above knee sockets over the years and my new HiFi is the best socket I have had. It is the best fit and it works very well with my short limb. Other sockets are more oval in shape and caused wobbling. My new HiFi uses targeted compression for extra security and stability which is very important, especially at my age.

James C.Transfemoral Wearer, 82 years old

HiFi is badass! It's excellent, the perfect fit, I'm tickled to death. It's a part of me. I was not getting full function out of my last prosthesis. The HiFi is where it's at. It's a nice, tight, comfortable fit. I'm not taking it easy anymore.

FrankRadial Wearer

Biodesigns is the best facility!!!!! They are a family business and treat all their patients like family!!!! Their HiFi socket design is second to none!!!! Highly recommended.


Biodesigns did a great job helping me through the process of getting my prosthesis and it got done in a fast fashion. The did an incredible job fitting the prosthesis to my arm, and it fits great. The prosthesis has allowed me to do a lot more workouts in the gym and this has allowed me to make my body more symmetrical.

Dylan M.Transradial Wearer

I have nothing but lovely things to say about biodesigns and the people who work very hard behind the name. Everyone worked so hard to make me feel comfortable while working on multiple prosthetics for my hand. Such a welcoming and hard working team who prioritizes their clients and their well-being. My prosthetics required me to attend multiple sessions/appointments and after each and every one of my appointments, I left feeling extremely grateful. Their hard work and kindness helped my situation feel a lot more comfortable which eventually allowed me to feel more confident as I continue my journey with amputation and now prosthetics. With their magic and dedication, I am extremely happy with the prosthetics I have now. My prosthetics allow me to go on about my day feeling grateful and appreciative. Biodesigns overall has helped me look on the bright side of things and has reminded me of the help that is out there. Such a lovely team. THANK YOU!

Samantha F.Partial Hand Amputee
Orthotist & Prosthetist Praise

Outcomes are key to our practice's success as we constantly look to improve the functionality of our patients. In regards to the socket, we have tried many different socket designs over the years, including socketless socket systems, and nothing has had the results like the HiFi Interface System. We especially have noted the HiFi is able to provide control our patients have not previously experienced. We see the HiFi technology as a jumping off point for patients who want to take their activity to the next level. While certain sockets might look innovative or promise improved outcomes, we know the HiFi delivers as advertised.

James Del BiancoCPO and Owner, Del Bianco P&O

I want to thank Randall Alley for bringing the HiFi Interface and Imager System to the forefront of prosthetics. After providing HiFi's for the last 7 years as an Authorized Provider, I can tell you the HiFi Interface is a game changer. The added control, volume adjustability, and proprioception cannot be overstated. The HiFi design makes all the difference for my patients. This is the holy grail we have been looking for in prosthetics. It's really silly to use an oval bucket shape in this day and age. Even better, you can still use a brim design of your choice proximal to the HiFi. I have done so for very short femurs and have had fantastic success. The HiFi's paradigm shift to skeletal control is what Randy brought to prosthetics. Many in our profession are secretive by nature and use advances for personal gain. Randy, I know you believed the HiFi was so good it should be brought to everyone. I, and my patients are grateful for that.

Matt Bailey, LPO, FAAOPPresident, Florida O&P Services

This interface makes fitting the transfemoral sockets actually work. It improved the suspension, circulation, and most importantly actually comes as close as possible to having the maximum connection of femur motion and resultant socket motion. I could not see fitting a transfemoral patient without this technique, if I was truly interested in the patient's outcome.

Keith VinnecourCPO

The improved range of motion, the superb control and the increased comfort with lower trim lines are all very impressive. Utilizing biodesigns’ HiFi Imager has allowed me to consistently achieve the same excellent results with all of my patients.

Lee MantelmacherMaryland O&P, KISS Technologies

I arrived as a cynic to see the HiFi Interface System. I left amazed…utterly amazed. The HiFi system has blown my mind and continues to do so.

Tom CutlerSequoia Prosthetics & Orthotics

I have done sub-ischial socket designs, but nothing has allowed me to have this much control of the actual femur. It is similar to what you would accomplish with osseointegration, but without the invasiveness or setbacks. It is the next step in the evolution of prosthetics, especially for transfemoral socket design.

Marcus BakerAdvanced P&O

With the HiFi, my patients are walking faster and further and have greater stability, reducing their chances of falling. We have published the results. HiFi Interface is far superior to traditional ischial containment sockets.

Bill SampsonSampson P&O

This is a big change in socket design and a big improvement to what we have been fitting. You can capture the bone which makes the wearer feel that their prosthesis is attached to them. They haven’t had that before. Traditional AK sockets don’t provide the same level of support or security.

Eric KimseySuperior O&P

The benefits we have seen from the HiFi greatly exceed those of any socket design we have done. It finally allows us to gain control of unwanted rotation.

Joe JohnsonQuorum Orthopedics

What Randy has developed is one of the most innovative socket/interface designs I have seen… it’s going to revolutionize the field.

Jay MartinMartin Bionics Innovations

The HiFi takes socket designs out of the dark ages.

Matt AlbuquerqueNext Step O&P

The control one has when wearing the HiFi system is incredible. The loss of translation between limb and socket has shown the amputees an incredible stability and control they have not had with the conventional systems. We have been very impressed with the sockets our patients have been able to use and utilize since they have had their HiFi sockets and have "Dumped the bucket!"

Jeff RoppRopp Orthopedic Clinic

Traditional sockets encapsulate the limb, but the HiFi System actually controls the underlying bone in both swing and stance phases. Wearers appreciate the lower trim line while concurrently enjoying the benefits of greater control and increased comfort.

John LamorteOrthoPros

We are fitting our second HiFi today. Things are going great. Just getting the technique down. Right away, notice instead of spending the first couple of weeks getting the proximal trim line tolerable, we are fitting these and immediately focusing on gait training as the sub-ischial socket level eliminates that fitting issue of the socket. That is a huge improvement and making our physical therapists happy too. The sockets fit great.

Paul HendricksonAscent P&O

It is really a breakthrough in this field with great benefits for our patients.

Luis ChotoNevada O&P

It has been a long time since I have seen a technique that can produce such a significant improvement in function for amputees.

Jim LowProsthetics Orthotics Barrie, Canada

Before the HiFi, transfemoral sockets were a nightmare for me and my patients as we would struggle with comfort and performance issues. Now with the HiFi, I love telling my patients I can lower their trim lines while getting increased control and function.

Paul BolandBoland Prosthetic & Orthotic Center

"I have seen the many benefits of the HiFi socket for my patients. They report their prosthesis are much more stable, comfortable, solid, more balanced and they are more in control. I have seen this for both my above and below knee patients."

Frank IkerdAdvanced Orthotics & Prosthetics, HiFi Provider since 2015

Recently fit another transfemoral patient in a HiFi with Suction. This is her third HiFi socket, because she have been user for many years. She is thrilled about the design and feels much more bone control. The key is not to be too aggressive in reducing, and respecting muscles and activities, and really understand their function. It’s funny, the more times I do it, the easier it becomes.

Jan Nielsen, CPO, OwnerO&P Technique, HiFi Provider since 2013

We have been a HiFi Authorized Provider since 2013, and the first HiFi Providers in Oregon. The HiFi provides our patients with added control and stability, all with lower trimlines and improved comfort.

Nathan Keepers, OwnerBarnhart Prosthetic & Orthotic Services

I would like to highlight a sub-ischial prosthetic socket using Randall Alley's HiFi technology for my geriatric patients. The low trim lines allow for better comfort than IC sockets. Stability is maintained and even increased thanks to the HiFi principle, and reduces the risk of falling. They said she couldn’t walk, but now she does...not a lot, but everyday. And that represents a lot for her.

Loic MathisMathis Orthopedic

I have been fitting the High-Fidelity Interface since 2012 with success to my patients using a whole range of prescriptions: cosmetic, body power and myoelectrically controlled limbs including multiarticulating hands. I can achieve a secure fit between the interface and residuum, while at the same time allowing a large range of motion. Some patients tell me they feel the interface is part of them. The feedback from patients generally is the arm feels lighter in weight, they report they can lift heavier objects and there is no issue with sweating.

Vincent MacEachenNHS, Scotland

"As prosthetists we connect people to parts. The bond is everything. It's either there or it's not. No in-between. And when the bond is right - you can feel it. The High-Fidelity Interface (HiFi) System has allowed us to further enhance the connectivity of the prosthesis to the residual limb. This cohesiveness creates harmony, balance, and perfection. Devices won't function like part of the body if they don't feel like part of the body, and the HiFi interface design does just that, allowing our clinicians to help restore function, independence, and quality of life."

Brandon Sampson, Co-FounderLimb Lab
Physicians, Therapists, Researchers

The HiFi Interface enables amputees to function and move with comfort well beyond their previous boundaries.

Dave Altobello, MDClinical Principal Investigator, DEKA "LUKE" Arm Project

The HiFi technology is truly revolutionary. To get amputees to bear weight through the limb allows more natural and efficient gait. I see more ‘normal’ gait pattern movements with the HiFi design and less compensation which means less chance for other injuries. As a therapist, it just makes sense to promote natural movement.

Pilar Hanes, PTGenesis Physical Therapy

It is always a pleasure to work with biodesigns’ HiFi sockets during OT training sessions because of the benefit of the user’s excellent control due to solid electrode contact and suspension during functional tasks.

Kristy Powell, OTOssur

In a single transfemoral case study it was observed that the ABC indicated improvement of over 60%, which put the amputee within 1 point of the fall risk threshold when using the HiFi Interface. Functional measures saw improvements from 20-50% across tests such as the Four Square Step Test, Timed Up and Go (TUG), the L-Test, and the Amputee Mobility Predictor (AMP), including improving the subject's K-level from a K2 to K3 ambulator by changing him from his standard of care (SOC) socket to a subischial HiFi Interface.

Victoria Graham, PTAssociate Professor, Cal State University, Northridge

When an interface enables the user to be ‘one with their arm,’ it adds tremendous value, and ease of use, for the individual with upper limb loss. The HiFi Interface System does this unlike any design of the past.

Diane Atkins, OTR, FISPOAssistant Clinical Professor, Department Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX

The observations of a transfemoral case report indicate that the Hi-Fi Interface has marked control of the forces exerted by and upon the femur.
The evidence indicating this control is the magnitude of correction of the hip flexion contracture pointing to a stronger coupling of the bony anatomy and socket. This improved coupling has been noted in multiple patients fit with Hi-Fi Interfaces by the author. This is evidenced by necessary accommodation of hip flexion contractures where no previous accommodation was necessary in previous sockets. Patients may also demonstrate rotational control of the femur as limitations in hip extension range transition into hip rotation followed by hip abduction (which combine to mimic hip extension).

Thomas Cutler, CPO, FAAOPLimitless, LLC

As a lifecare planner, I have worked with the team at biodesigns for several years on many complex cases. I am always impressed with their clinical skills and superior patient outcomes, but also equally impressed with their compassion for the amputees we are treating. Good enough is not in their vocabulary. I am proud to work with them and highly recommend their clinic.

Tricia West , RN, BSN, MBA/HCM, CHN, PHN, LNCP.J. West and Associates, Inc.
PhDs, Engineers, Product Developers & Military Personnel

Randy, you are just amazing. The warriors who come back home from the field of battle deserve the best, and what you have delivered is just exceptional. Well done!

Tim FowlerDTIC/IAC Field Science & Technology Advisor, STRATCOM, NORAD-NORTHCOM

I have utilized Randy's HiFi upper limb prosthetic socket since 2015 as an Active Duty Combat Arms Officer and was the first amputee of any kind to be selected at the U.S. Army Special Forces Assessment and Selection while utilizing a prosthesis. I was then the first amputee to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course. As your patient and a tester for your high-performance exoskeleton products, I have been able to experience the benefits of your unique Osseostabilizing™ interfaces on my amputated as well as my sound side. I credit your technology for my ability to perform at my highest level.

Captain Carey DuValActive Duty, U.S. Army Infantry, Military Consultant, UL Amputee

Alley’s HiFi design reduces lost motion better than earlier designs and also reduces pistoning.

T. Wally Williams, EngineerFormer Director of Product Development, Liberating Technologies, Inc.

As the Clinical Research Coordinator on the DARPA/DEKA "LUKE" Arm project, we recognized and credited the HiFi Interface for taking the arm system from a bench top proof of concept demonstrator to an everyday wearable arm system. With the HiFi Interface the weight of the Luke Arm, and associated user discomfort caused by regional loading, socket translation and rotation, were minimized if not eliminated due to the distributed loading and compression along the axis of the underlying bone. The HiFi was viewed as an integral part of the arm system to enable extended use throughout the user's operational envelope, and we did not see the restrictions or discomfort-based limitations in range of motion and time of use like we did with the traditional sockets. Due to the stability and function it afforded, the HiFi Interface was the preferred and recommended socket for all 3 generations of the LUKE Arm R&D trials at DEKA as well as our VA research partner sites.

Wayne Penn, B.S. BME, M.S. MECEO, Charged Concepts, Inc.

We have had the pleasure of working with biodesigns and specifically Randall Alley for several years and have seen firsthand the success of his innovative interface designs in terms of improved fit and function. As a manufacturer of prosthetics, we know the importance of a comfortable and stable platform to attach our components, and how this connection specifically relates to patient acceptance and usability of their device. I highly recommend Randy's interface technology, especially when coupled with an ilimb hand or Rheo knee.

Hugh Gill, BSc Mech Eng (Hons), Honorary Fellow of IESIS. HonFIESVice President of R&D Upper Limb Prosthetics, Ossur

I have had several opportunities to work closely with biodesigns' technology and assess the HiFi from a scientific/structural viewpoint. I believe this is perhaps the most intuitive yet practical solution to a mechanically stable interface I have seen to date. The Compression-Release-Stabilized (CRS) approach provides natural connectivity to the human skeletal system, making it a highly energy efficient, structurally unified design that can accommodate long term wear of prosthetics for both upper and lower limbs. Conceptually, I also believe the CRS approach will ultimately have far reaching benefits for numerous human-device attachment systems, with potential applications ranging from exoskeletons for e.g., orthotics and rehabilitation, to performance enhancing recreational devices.

Hanna J. Hoffman, Ph.D, PhysicsTechnology Research & Development Adviser (special expertise in Sensors, Lasers, Robotics and Medical Devices).

I started collaborating with Randy Alley when we both won research contracts with DARPA to improve prosthetic interfaces as part of the DARPA HAPTIX program. Randy takes a very effective, systematic approach to interface design, with the goal of making the prosthesis a more natural extension of the patient’s body by means of improving bone control. This unique methodology improves stability for the patient, resulting in greater functionality and usability of the prosthesis. As an engineer, this approach makes a lot of sense, in that much more than pressure distributions need to be considered for a proper fit. If motion between the limb and prosthesis are not properly regulated, pressure distributions mean little, and the overall functionality of the prosthesis may potentially be very limited. I hope to see further acceptance of this type of interface as R&D continues.

Andrew Kennedy LaPre, Ph.D, Principal Engineer (Robotic Prosthesis Design)Principal Engineer at FTL Labs Corporation

Through my work at DARPA, I was originally made aware of Alley's Compression Release Stabilized (CRS) socket used on the Luke Arm project, as part of the Revolutionizing Prosthetics Project 2007. The CRS upper limb design was utilized in the Luke Arm clinical trials and proved to be a stable socket platform that could handle the weight and functional demands of DARPA’s advanced dexterous arm.

Douglas Weber, PhDAssociate Professor Department of Bioengineering University of Pittsburgh

We have seen the benefits of the HiFi Interface with our Coapt Gen2 pattern recognition system. Jason (above elbow amputee) is one of a number of HiFi+Coapt wearers who easily and intuitively performs full range of motion tasks effortlessly. The HiFi compression areas provide improved stability and ensure Coapt electrodes maintain secure contact with his limb, while the Coapt system allows seamless control of hand, wrist, and elbow.

Erica KarlsonDirector of Sales, Coapt Engineering

With the subischial HiFi Interface, my gait feels more fluid and I have more of a gliding motion as I walk as opposed to sinking every time I step. I am still getting used to the HiFi design, but it allows me to be much more aware of my muscles and core and how to use them properly again. It seems that the more work I put in, the better it feels. By the end of the day my gait feels flawless. I'm actually really excited to wear my jeans again. Overall, as compared with the other sockets, it's a world of difference.

SSG Angelia SullivanActive Duty, U.S. Army, S1 Admin NCO/HHC Senior Medic, TF Amputee

When we were ready to bring our myoelectric hand to market we wanted to work with a visionary and groundbreaking company and prosthetist. We wanted to work with the best, the most innovative and we were fortunate enough to meet biodesigns. In our initial conversations we quickly discovered that we were like minded teams. By working with Randy and his team we were confident we would get the best, initial test fitting. This was the first time our hand was going to be fit in the US and therefore it was a momentous and important time in our company’s history. We were so blessed and satisfied with the results, especially the integration of our BrainRobotics' prosthetic hand with the HiFi Interface and the work that Randy and his team performed.

Lawrence FranchiniVP of Sales, BrainCo

I see the biodesigns difference.

Ready to see what’s possible.