Osseointegration is the direct surgical connection of a prosthesis through the distal end of the limb and into the underlying bone. We believe osseointegration has a place but only as a last resort for those that simply cannot utilize a removable interface. We challenge all surgeons performing osseointegration on amputees with otherwise healthy limbs capable of using a removable interface to consider the HiFi Interface first.
We also ask that you give the HiFi a try before abandoning removable interfaces altogether and making the radical leap to osseointegration. We understand and appreciate your disappointment with traditional bucket sockets. We’re disappointed with them too, which is why we developed the HiFi. ­Our goal is to try HiFi on patients before they seek surgery, as this surgery is not easily reversible. We feel that if a person is a candidate for our HiFi, that in a one-on-one comparison involving total quality of life, the HiFi will outscore osseointegration every time. With the HiFi, no surgery is required, no recovery period, no open wounds, no ongoing infections, no medications, no fear of bone fractures, no fear of activities, and no fear of water.

Surgery is not your only option.

Show me the HiFi Interface.