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Randall Alley is a well-known inventor of numerous human performance products and attachment methods that span multiple sectors. At biodesigns, we don’t just innovate for users but innovate to push forward a profession or industry. In prosthetics, our goal is to replace Standard of Care (SOC) sockets with techniques founded on solid biomechanical principles, allowing wearers to achieve their full potential. In other industries, it is breaking out of the norm to achieve ultimate performance. 

The Socket/Interface Revolution Started Here 

The HiFiTM Interface and HiFiTM Imager System took prosthetic sockets out of the dark ages. The HiFi is the first and only of its kind with our patented and patents-pending compression and release OsseostabilizedTM technology, proven to achieve superior results. For far too long, wearers have been fit with flawed sockets, or as they say “buckets.”  Those wearing sockets intuitively know something is wrong with existing approaches, yet the industry is slow to move with many being stuck in their ways. With the HiFi, biodesigns is committed to answering the calls from all those looking for a better solution.

Patent Portfolio

Currently we have several U.S. and international patents with numerous patent-pending applications, from method to apparatus, custom to modular, spanning multiple categories:
  • Method for Use of a Compression Stabilized Prosthetic Socket Interface – Patent# 8,323,353
  • Method, System, and Tool for Affixing Compression Stabilized Prosthetic Socket Interface – Patent# 8,656,918
  • Adaptable Socket System, Method and Kit – Patent# 9,283,093, #10,369,027
  • Methods of Bone Stabilization – Patent# 10,123,888, #10,702,404
  • Skeletal Stabilization Liner System – Patent# 10,806,606
  • Expulsion Valve Assembly (co-inventor) – Patent# 7,631,657, assignee ottobock Healthcare GmbH
  • Latched Valve Assembly (co-inventor) – Patent# 7,448,407, assignee ottobock Healthcare GmbH
  • Load Distributing and Carrying Equipment – patents-pending
NOTICE: Hanger’s Comfort Flex, Sabolich’s Socket, Lim’s Infinite Socket, Martin Bionic’s Socketless Socket, the MAS Socket and REVO Limb DO NOT have a license to our compression technology. If you are a prosthetist and believe you have been misled about your ability to use our technology in these other designs, please contact us. 

Training/Licensing Program 

With the HiFi Interface System, we empower prosthetists by teaching them a new and improved clinical technique and system, backed by evidence-based clinical support, that will improve patients’ outcomes AND your bottom line. Whether you are a single practitioner, a large facility, or a teaching hospital, we have a licensing program to fit your needs. Learn more.


Randall is the co-inventor of the Push, Mag, and Click Valves, the first threadless valves for definitive sockets introduced into prosthetics and acquired by ottobock, and the co-inventor of the Sure-Lok Cable Lock Control System and the Biomechanically Aligned Harness Anchor, two products to improve body-powered prosthetics, manufactured and distributed by TRS Prosthetics (now Fillauer).

Beware of those attempting to provide HiFi impostors and wannabees as they may cause harm or injury.

It's not a HiFi, unless it says HiFi.

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