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HiFi Prosthetist Training 

Randall Alley, HiFi Interface Inventor and CEO of biodesigns,™ is training and licensing prosthetic facilities in the use of the HiFi Interface System, in both upper and lower limb applications. Thousands of amputees currently enjoy the many benefits of the HiFi under the care of a select group of prosthetists in the US and abroad. As a HiFi Authorized Provider you will improve your patients’ lives with an alternative to Standard of Care sockets, differentiate your practice, attract new patients, improve patient loyalty, bill appropriate codes for the technology, and be part of the growing HiFi Professional Network.
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HiFi Program Benefits

  • Work directly with Randall Alley, HiFi Inventor.
  • Offer your patients a proven interface, backed-up by clinical evidence and research, not fluff.
  • Stay in control of the fitting process by demonstrating superior skill.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of applied biomechanics to impress not only your patients, but your case managers, therapists, doctors, referral sources.
  • Differentiate your practice from others who remain stuck in the past. 
  • Offer your patients any and all suspension techniques, from elevated vacuum to skin fit suction. HiFi works with them all.
  • Let patients choose an open or closed frame HiFi Interface design, the biomechanical effectiveness remains the same.
  • Provide real adjustability on a macro and micro level, coupled with the targeted bone positioning only the HiFi provides.
  • Give your patients the lowest trim line of any socket while providing superior stability, including subischial without vacuum.
  • Fabricate in-house or through an authorized C-Fab, it’s your decision.
  • Bill for more not less, including test sockets, and appropriate HiFi L5999 and L7499 codes.
  • Be part of an international network dedicated to transforming the industry, one interface at a time. 

HiFi Interface Benefits

The patented and patents-pending HiFi Interface System is a revolution in socket/interface technology whether you like it or not. Prosthetists must evolve as patients will demand better fitting AND functioning designs. You can either lead with a proven interface technology or follow and get left behind. We should no longer utilize and teach socket designs that are plagued with so many inherent issues, including pain, rubbing, skin breakdown, pistoning, falls, slow walking speeds, instability, increased energy, sound side breakdown, volume fluctuation, decreased proprioception, and the list goes on.  Time to step-up to the HiFi.
Learn more about the HiFi Interface.

HiFi Imager Benefits

The patented HiFi Imager is a critical component of  the HiFi Process. With the Imager, prosthetists are able to impart optimum and consistent levels of compression in distinct areas of the wearer’s limb, under weight-bearing conditions. In addition, wearers are able to provide live feedback during casting or scanning, making the process dynamic, as opposed to traditional methods. This active feedback and diagnostic input during the image capture process allows the prosthetist to get to a well fitting test socket not only faster, but arrive at one that is simply better. The end result – a more intimate, more comfortable, higher performing socket, that will not have the typical issues other sockets have, including volume fluctuations. Oh, and don’t forget the lower trim lines with all Upper and Lower HiFi Interfaces, including  offering a truly stable, subischial interface for femoral applications.
Learn more about the HiFi Imager.

HiFi Simplicity and Time Savings

We know other socket companies have promised you the moon, but it didn’t exactly work out the way you hoped. Not as simple or effective as they appeared to be in marketing, huh? Not the degree of patient acceptance you had hoped for perhaps? Well, with the HiFi you will realize the ROI and save 100s of man-hours creating a lasting interface solution that doesn’t need constant adjustments. Once you master the design, you no longer will need to make test socket after test socket, chasing your tail to try and fit a bucket to a dynamic limb. The answer doesn’t lie in adding adjustability or a fancy 3d printed covering to a Standard of Care bucket. Neither does it lie in a collection of pads and straps cobbled together to look like a socket. The answer doesn’t lie in sucking all the air out of a bucket with an expensive fish pump or by rolling on the next generation of liner. No, instead, the answer lies in something most people simply refuse to acknowledge or understand: INTERFACE BIOMECHANICS. Science, pure and simple. Imagine that? Who would’ve thought that in losing an arm or leg, a wearer might deserve more than a container to put them in? When you utilize our proven method and Imager system, you get rid of the guesswork. In addition, because in the femoral level application we  gain nearly all of our stability along the shaft of the femur, we no longer have to strangle the patient’s leg at the proximal brim. There goes all your major issues requiring follow up: adductor rolls, damaged skin, discomfort in the ischial/ramus area, overly tall and aggressive trim lines, etc. And because we don’t have anything more than a soft and gentle proximal trim line, it takes only a few minutes to create the brim. Now doesn’t that sound refreshing?

HiFi Reimbursement

We also believe by demonstrating your enhanced skill in providing this advanced interface technology, you should get paid for it. Many other socket companies, along with a few manufacturers and even prosthetists (go figure) are trying to get rid of YOU and your ability to get paid by offering to eliminate test sockets, ship you adjustable kits, offer sockets by numbers and pretty much just open the floodgates for eliminating the skilled prosthetists in the profession. Thankfully, none of these products will yield the superior results of the HiFi. They simply can’t. You have to ask yourself, “what type of prosthetist am I?” One that gets rolled over because I want to cut corners, or one that recognizes the opportunity that exists in the vacuum left behind by those prosthetists that were replaced by techs, therapists and central fabrication. With the HiFi training, we admit, we are exclusive. We only want those prosthetists and facilities interested in superior clinical care and improved patient outcomes to be a part of our network. To the rest of you who aren’t interested, we wish you good luck.

HiFi Patents/IP/Licensing

HiFi is a patented and patents-pending technology responsible for starting the 21st century socket revolution. While some will try and imitate the HiFi, it is not a HiFi unless it says HiFi. The HiFi is a proven design that was tested with physician oversight as part of DARPA’s Revolutionizing LUKE Arm project, and was part of numerous clinical studies, several in conjunction with the Veterans Administration. However, if done incorrectly or without Authorized Training, the HiFi will have poor results. biodesigns is the only company authorized to provide HiFi training and licensing.
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HiFi Training/Licensing Fees

At biodesigns, we believe in providing prosthetists with the tools and techniques to make them better – we provide the fishing pole,  not the fish. By elevating the skill of the prosthetist, we can have the greatest impact on improving the clinical care of the patient and thus improving the Standard of Care in socket designs, while demanding improved reimbursement. In order for us to best determine the training model most appropriate for you/your O&P clinic, we need a little information. Contact us with your specific needs and we will customize a licensing program especially for you.

Prosthetist Training Schedule – HiFi Interface System 

Upcoming HiFi Informational Overview Webinar: 
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