HiFi Imager Limb Capture Technology

Part of the problem with prosthetics is the lack of a systematic approach to your fitting. When you were casted or scanned for your prosthesis, did you provide feedback and direction to your clinician? How could you? Remaining motionless and commenting on the plaster getting warm or how pretty the scan looks on the screen is about all the input you could give. Welcome to the patented High-Fidelity™ Imager, a complete diagnostic platform and skeletal capture system that will take you and your interface to the next level and (finally!) into the 21st century.
With the patented High-Fidelity Imager we are able to get an intimate understanding of your limb right from the start-even before your limb is casted or scanned. We are able to identify and locate any anatomical or physiological issues that may cause a problem in your final socket. By putting you in the Imager under weight bearing and applying our patented and patents-pending compression and release to your limb, we then ask for, or better yet, require your feedback as to how the system feels, prior to moving forward. Because the Imager mimics the feeling of the final interface, it is up to you to guide us in the proper compression, shape and overall comfort levels that suit you best. Even though you aren’t a prosthetist, you know what feels good to you. With our Imager, you get the chance to design your own socket, the way you want it.

“When I got in the Imager, I didn’t want to get out. It was the first time since amputation that I felt stable again. Before biodesigns, my socket was created by taking a couple of measurements. The HiFi  Interface System required me to provide feedback, and ultimately provided me with a much better socket.” – Carol, Femoral Amputee


“I’m mechancially minded,  so when I read about the HiFi’s ability to stabilize and control the bone, it just made sense. As soon as I stood in the Imager, I immediately knew it was going to work. Thank you biodesigns.” – Darren, Femoral Amputee


“Before going to biodesigns, I was casted sitting down, providing no feedback. But with biodesigns’ Imager, I was standing and able to give live feedback during casting. They asked me what felt good and how much compression I wanted. This resulted in me getting a much more intimate, completely custom, better fitting and functioning socket.” – Derek, Femoral Amputee

At biodesigns, our goal is to replace what was lost and you can’t do that effectively with traditional approaches, sockets by numbers, water tanks, or adjustable socket kits. Those devices simply attempt to surround your limb and hope for the best, relying on the components to take up the slack. The key to a truly successful interface and the first step toward getting back what was lost is an extreme focus on body biomechanics, its relationship to human/device connectivity, and the realization that YOU must be an active participant in the process. The HiFi Imager System will help us (and that means you too!) create an arm or leg system you don’t just wear, but absorb and integrate as if it were part of you. Don’t let the components upstage the most important part of your prosthesis. Components are simply system accessories. The interface, or socket, is the key to your success and happiness. The accessories go along for the ride. Let’s get you connected first.

Interactive Feedback

The High-Fidelity™ Imager allows for a totally interactive process that puts the wearer in charge, allowing you the opportunity to design your own interface, live and in real-time. Who else can offer that? Who else cares enough to offer that? Answer: only HiFi Providers

Predictive Simulation

The High-Fidelity™ Imager enables the clinician to have a 360-degree view of your limb during the casting or scanning process, allowing changes to be made prior to finalizing the image. Once it's dialed in, you can now anticipate how your new interface is going to feel. I know, pretty cool isn't it?

Dynamic Optimization

The High-Fidelity™ Imager is capable of imparting optimum levels of compression to your limb under weight-bearing conditions, giving you the chance to sense what your finished interface will feel like even before casting or scanning.


The High-Fidelity™ Imager is the first step to you getting an interface that isn't simply hanging on for dear life, that you drag around until the day's over. It's an interface that makes your prosthesis feel like a part of you. The scientists call it embodiment. We think you'll call it awesome!


In our clinic, we can either employ a state-of-the-art optical scanner or traditional casting methods in conjunction with our Imager to capture your limb. Rather than simply scan or cast your limb in its resting state, we apply compression and release under weight bearing prior to beginning the process, thus capturing the state of your limb as closely as possible to how it will be in your final interface. Does that sound like it might make more sense, be more accurate and result in a better fitting, better feeling interface? It sure does to us. With any approach or process we have for fitting, advanced biomechanics remains the core of our solutions.

3D Printing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is helping to revolutionize many industries, including the prosthetics industry. 3D printing does not, however, provide a substitute for clinical skills or make up for deficiencies in poor socket design. We at biodesigns embrace digital technologies as the future of prosthetics, which is why our engineering department has two 3D printers in-house, including a carbon fiber composite printer and access to a network of other 3D printers as well. However, we believe 3D printing and state-of-the-art printers complement our business and services rather than define them.

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