HiFi Imager Limb Capture Technology

Our goal is to replace what was lost and you can’t do that effectively with traditional casting approaches, sockets by numbers, water tanks, adjustable socket kits, not even scanning and 3D printing. We all know sockets are plagued with numerous issues, but did you know it starts from the very beginning of the fitting process? The key to a successful interface is an extreme focus on body biomechanics, its relationship to human/device connectivity, and the realization that YOU must be an active participant in the process.
Introducing the game changer – the patented and patents-pending High-Fidelity™ Imager, a complete diagnostic platform and skeletal capture system that will take you and your interface into the 21st century. With the HiFi Imager, we have a 3-step process. First, we use the Imager to obtain an intimate understanding of your limb, even before your limb is casted or scanned. Second, we use the Imager to identify and  locate any anatomical or physiological issues that may cause a problem in your final socket. Third, we cast or scan you in the Imager, under weight bearing conditions, as YOU provide live feedback to help determine ideal compression levels in our targeted locations. The result will be a more intimate, better fitting and higher functing socket because you helped design it.

Interactive Feedback

The HiFi™ Imager provides a totally interactive process that puts the wearer in charge, allowing you the opportunity to design your own interface in real-time.

Predictive Simulation

The HiFi™ Imager enables the clinician to have a 360-degree view of your limb during the casting or scanning process, allowing changes to be made prior to finalizing the image.

Dynamic Optimization

The HiFi™ Imager allows ideal levels of compression to your limb during weight-bearing, giving you a preview of your final socket, before casting or scanning.


The HiFi™ Imager is the first step to you getting a biomechanically-superior interface, one that will feel like a part of you. Scientists call it embodiment. We think you'll call it awesome!


In our clinic, we can either employ a state-of-the-art optical scanner or traditional casting methods in conjunction with our Imager to capture your limb. Rather than simply scan or cast your limb in its resting state, we apply compression at the beginning the process, thus capturing the state of your limb as closely as possible to how it will be in your final interface. With any approach or process we have for fitting, advanced biomechanics remains the core of our solutions.

3D Printing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is revolutionizing the prosthetics industry. 3D printing does not, however, provide a substitute for clinical skill or make-up for deficiencies in poor socket design. At biodesigns, we embrace digital technologies as the future of prosthetics and therefore have three 3D printers in-house. Our 3D printers complement our technology, rather than defines it. With any new fabrication process, Interface Biomechanics, must remain at the core, otherwise you just have 3D printed buckets.

HiFi Inside

The HiFi Interface Technology and HiFi Imager Limb Capture System can be implemented into any socket design, can be used with all suspensions and can be executed whether creating interfaces that are carbon fiber, 3D printed, have adjustable dials and panels, windows or without windows, or a combinatiuon of materials. The HiFi must be created by an Authorized HiFi Provider and HiFi Authorized Fabricator. To learn more, contact biodesigns.

"When I got into the HiFi Lower Limb Imager, I didn't want to get out."

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