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About Us

Welcome to biodesigns. We are interface experts leading the way with our ground-breaking and proven attachment technologies. In prosthetics we are reestablishing a connection that has been lost; with the military we are enhancing mission-critical performance and reducing injury; and in consumer wearables we are improving the way you interact with tech, tools, and gear.  
We are rewriting the rules for what is possible in a non-surgical Human Device Interface (HDI). Our biomechanically optimized OsseostabilizationTM technology is a fundamental shift away from all other methods that yield  inefficient, unstable, uncomfortable, yet universally tolerated designs. Our connection platforms are born from decades of real world clinical experience, coupled with our backgrounds in kinesiology, bionics, biomechanics, and human performance. Our ultimate goal is not to merely provide you with significant functional improvements over all other attachment approaches, we have a higher purpose – limb preservation, injury prevention, and in some cases, life extension.

Rejecting the
Status Quo

Redefining the
Standard of Care

Reimagining the
Human Connection

At biodesigns, you will find a full service prosthetic clinic that treats upper and lower limb wearers from around the world in our proven, proprietary HiFi™ Interface and Imagersystems. You will also find our innovative R&D lab with advanced outcome measuring devices, 3D printers, scanners and CAD, capable of producing our next innovative design product.
So whether you are a patient seeking a better clinical solution, a government agency searching for superior human interface technologies, a researcher in need of a collaboration partner, a university interested in advanced education, an athlete or soldier needing to improve performance, or an investor looking for the next big idea, biodesigns is for you.

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