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Our CEO, Randall Alley, is a recognized authority. He co-developed and was Director of the national UL Program for NovaCare and Hanger, prior to going into private practice, and has fit 100+ UL patients around the world. Many prosthetists call themselves “upper limb experts,” but being an expert is more than having access to components. It’s having specific upper limb experience, coupled with an ability to consistently deliver prostheses that are successfully worn and not just utilized but maximized. 
No one can match our successes with long term wear, comfort, and performance provided by our X-Frame and HiFi Interface, the designs that started a socket revolution.
We are one of a few companies authorized by Mobius Bionics (manufacturers of the LUKE Arm) to fit their system. Mobius understands the importance of having a comfortable, stable and secure interface to support their advanced LUKE arm, and Mobius (DEKA) witnessed first-hand the benefits of the HiFi and X-Frame interface’s seamless integration of wearer to their arm system.


We are experts in components, control strategies, and systems including passive, body-powered, adaptive, and myoelectric devices. We provide prostheses, partial hands/digits, and silicone restorations, but really enjoy working with those who push for highest function.
We evaluate each patient to determine the ideal plan – including donning/doffing requirements, suspension techniques, fabrication options, and most importantly, rehab goals. We start our dynamic fitting process with the patented HiFi Imager to capture limb shape as you provide feedback. We will modify, create test sockets and interim dynamic interfaces, making adjustments along the way, to ensure the final prosthesis is intimate, stable, comfortable and extremely functional.
Frustrated with the length of time it takes to get a prosthesis? We are the inventors of the Expedited Fitting Protocol, ideal for out of state/out of country visitors. This streamlined clinical fitting process delivers a superior prosthesis in half the time. 


Randall Alley has developed and co-developed accessories to improve prosthesis function, performance and comfort including:
VMI’s – allows users to target specific areas and manage their volume and bone position without the use of socks. 
BAHA  – replaces the Northwestern Ring and offers enhanced function and comfort for those utilizing body-powered harnesses.
SURE-LOK – world’s first cable lock and retainer system for body-powered prostheses allows users to hold objects without effort. 
MAG VALVE – world’s first threadless valve for suction sockets allows for simplicity and speed, without the use of any tools. 
HiFi Interface with ilimb multi-articulating hand. “With the HiFi I am much more comfortable and my prosthesis is very stable. I often forget I am wearing my prosthesis. In my old socket, I was extremely limited. Thank you biodesigns for giving me my life back.”
HiFi Interface, Espire Hybrid Elbow, electric lock, and TASKA multi-articulating hand. “I am grateful to biodesigns. I use my arm everyday.”
HiFi Interface with ilimb hand. “I was in standard sockets before my HiFi’s and they felt bulky, loose and heavy. My HiFi’s feel connected to me – they feel lighter, comfortable, secure and I forget they are there. I’m able to wear them in hot Georgia weather without worrying about them falling off.”

Captain DuVal in his HiFi with TASKA multi-articulating hand. “The HiFi is the best socket available. My HiFi provides me with rock-solid stability and functionality, even under extreme forces and physical challenges. Without the HiFi, I wouldn’t have been able to re-qualify for active duty.”
Featured Products: Various myoelectric hands including the ilimb quantum (top), TASKA (Rt), Michelango (bottom), and bebionic (Lt).
Former Head of the VA Fred Downs using his HiFi Interface and Gen 2 LUKE Bionic Arm for the first time, during the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) “Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program.”

HiFi Interface with LTI elbow and ilimb multi-articulating hand. “Thanks Randy for all your help. I love the arm!”
biodesigns’ X-Frame Thoracic Interface with Mobius’ LUKE Arm (with multiarticulating shoulder and compound wrist). “As a machinist, I am hoping this new arm will allow me to go back to work and help me regain my life back.”
Adaptive prosthesis with HiFi Interface and TRS’ Shroom Tumbler. “I have been working with biodesigns since 2013. They are the best!”

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