Our Difference

At biodesigns we go beyond simply helping you perform activities of daily living, because we believe you want and deserve more.
We respect every ounce of our patients’ potential and believe their prosthetic system should too. We recognize that for many of you there is life beyond Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). While mastering these core tasks are vital, there’s a whole new level of performance to be gained from a truly focused prosthetic system designed to maximize our patients’ capabilities rather than mask them.
Technology is at the core of biodesigns. We don’t simply provide you with a traditional, run-of-the-mill socket attached to expensive components and call it state-of-the-art. By leveraging our unique experience and talents in the rehabilitation and performance sectors, we can create highly customized, high-functioning interfaces and total prosthetic systems so your prostheses can keep pace with your demands.
We don’t use yesterday’s techniques or sockets to create your prosthesis, but instead have introduced revolutionary designs and products into the field, including the HiFi™ Interface System with patented and patents-pending technology. So what are you waiting for? Get started with biodesigns today. 


Upper Limb

Amputations Levels
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We believe the socket or interface is key to the success of the prosthetic system. At biodesigns, we proved the most advanced
Partial Hand/Digits
Silicone Restoration




BAHA is a simple device that replaces the Northwestern Ring Harness and offers greatly enhanced functionality and comfort for UE patients using body powered prosthesis.


Sure-Lok is the world’s first cable lock and retainer system for body-powered prostheses copy with image with link to TRS

Lower Limb

Amputation Levels
Knee disartic
Powered orthosis


Component Accessories

Check out OttoBock’s PushValve and MagValve, two threadless expulsion valves for suction sockets. The threadless design allows the valves to simply click into place and slide out to remove. No more tools to carry or strained fingers. Valves – copy with image, link to Ottobock



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New Patients

New biodesign patients to make the most of your patient visit we ask that you download, review and complete each of the following patient forms to maximize your consultation and allow extra time for questions.
Access new patient forms here.