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Lower limb amputees have a high risk of falls and utilize gait compensation techniques, causing sound side breakdown, osteoporosis, pain and a decrease in function. Many are excited about socket add-ons like adjustability, new materials, and 3D printing. Others think advanced knees, ankles and feet, will save the day. Bells and whistles can’t replace the need for a comfortable AND stable interface.
The HiFi Interface System has revolutionized the industry with its advanced design backed by clinical-evidence and 1000’s of grateful wearers. The HiFi can be used with all suspensions and has shown life changing improvement for wearers. Don’t let old-school prosthetists convince you to wear a “bucket” or a fancy socket kit. Get the facts. Demand a HiFi.


We evaluate each patient to determine the ideal rehabilitation approach, describing the advantages and limitations of the options, and utilize our interactive HiFi Imager for bone capture and socket optimization.
We are the inventors of the Expedited Fitting Protocol, ideal for out of state/out of country visitors. This streamlined process delivers you a superior prosthesis in half the time.


Randall Alley co-developed lower limb accessories to improve user functionality. Introducing a family of threadless expulsion valves for suction and vacuum interfaces. Click into place without tools or pulled hairs.
OttoBock’s PushValve, ClickValve and MagValve  

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HiFi Interface with Pin/Liner, ottobock Genium knee, Triton foot. “I had to go through 30 sockets to find the HiFi. I would never go back to my old socket system. This is everything I have been waiting for. I can’t see my life without it.”
HiFi with adjustable brim, ottobock ClickValve, CLeg4, Rush foot. “When I came to biodesigns, all I wanted was a socket that would stay on when using the exercise bike. Now I am walking better than ever and have started running. The HiFi is the best socket I have ever had. I would rather go into a wheelchair than back to my bucket socket.”
HiFi Interface, elevated vacuum, ossur Proflex foot. This former Marine needed a socket system that would keep up with his active lifestyle. “The HiFi allows me to hike without any concerns. It is very stable, even on uneven terrain.”
HiFi Interface with adjustable brim, ottobock X3s. Josh wanted a more stable, lower socket, with added adjustability due to his training schedule and future weight loss.
HiFi Interface, Freedom Agilix foot. “biodesigns is amazing. They helped me when no one else would. At a recent job interview they couldn’t detect that I was wearing a prosthesis. After I got the job, I told them. With the HiFi no one knows I’m an amputee. Even I forget I am wearing a prosthesis.”
HiFi Interface with Freedom Plie knee. When Rolando came to us he was struggling to walk with his “bucket” prosthesis. Now he is back to doing everything he did before his amputation. “I have had seven different types of sockets…and this is the best!”