High-Fidelity (HiFi) Interface System

What is the HiFi?

Say goodbye to old-fashioned sockets and welcome the next generation in prosthetic limb connectivity…the High-Fidelity Interface with patented and patents-pending HiFi technology. Unlike other sockets that connect peripherally, the High-Fidelity Interface connects skeletally. Think of it as similar to osseointegration but in a removable interface…and without the surgery!

When motion and force are captured closer to the bone, the prosthesis reacts more precisely and the brain reacts more instinctively. The result is dramatically enhanced performance, greater energy efficiency, security, safety, increased endurance, greater comfort and a higher level of confidence for wearers of all activity levels. HiFi wearers don’t feel as though they are dragging along their prosthesis. In fact, many of our wearers report that their prostheses feel lighter, are quicker to respond and feel more like a part of them, and this is all with lower trim lines than other sockets.  This level of acceptance of a prosthetic device is what we strive for.

So decision time. You either believe, like most the industry, that it is ok for an underlying bone to move around, uncontrolled in the prosthetic socket or you believe that the goal should be to target the underlying bone and to try and control it. Many will try and label HiFi as just another option or just another tool in the toolbox, but those people just don’t get it.  We think amputees deserve a better, more comfortable AND more functional design.  We don’t think amputees should have to tolerate sockets. We believe amputees should be empowered by their sockets. Time to demand a HiFi.
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