biodesigns Receives 6th US Patent for Prosthetic Interface Technology

Southern California-based biodesigns, inc., a biomechanically-focused, outcomes-driven, prosthetic clinic and human interface development company, is pleased to announce their sixth US patent for their innovative High-Fidelity™ (HiFiTM) prosthetic interface technology. This latest patent awarded July 7, 2020, Methods for Bone Stabilization (US10,702,404), complements their interface technology patent portfolio including Methods of Bone Stabilization (US10,123,888), Methods for Use of Compression Stabilized Prosthetic Socket Interface (US8,323,353), Method, System, and Tools for Affixing Compression Stabilized Prosthetic Socket Interface (US8,656,91), and Adaptable Socket System, Method and Kit (US9,283,093 and US10,326,027).

The core of biodesigns’ patented and patents-pending HiFi™ Osseostabilizing™ Human Device Interface (HDI) technology is its focus on capturing the underlying bone, to better control and sync the interface with skeletal movement. When motion and force are captured closer to the bone the prosthesis will react more instinctively, providing the user with improved function, performance, and proprioception.

“When I traveled the US for nearly 10 years fitting complex prosthetic systems, I continually saw the problems, poor outcomes, and rejection rates caused by the Standard of Care (SOC) sockets, especially for upper limb prosthetic wearers. It was then I decided to dedicate my career to improving the human device interface with more biomechanically-focused, outcomes-driven designs,” stated Randall Alley, CEO biodesigns and HiFiTM Inventor.

To help make their interface designs accessible to more patients in the US and around the world, biodesigns offers HiFiTM training events, including the upcoming HiFiTM Femoral and Tibial Interface training and licensing virtual event on Wed., Sept. 23th for Certified Prosthetists (CP’s) and Certified Prosthetists Orthotists (CPO’s). In this course CP’s/CPO’s will learn the principles of the HiFiTM design, how to utilize the HiFiTM Imager for diagnostic assessment as well as efficient casting or scanning, the HiFiTM modification technique, the clinical experience, research and data supporting the design, as well as reimbursement strategies.

In order to assist with enforcement and licensing of its intellectual property portfolio, biodesigns utilizes Fish IP Law LLP, a premier intellectual property law firm. To note, Hanger’s Comfort Flex, Sabolich’s Socket, Lim’s Infinite Socket, Martin Bionic’s Socketless Socket, the MAS Socket and REVO Limb do not have a license to the HiFi™ Interface technology. Prosthetists are encouraged to contact biodesigns if they believe they may have unknowingly utilized the HiFiTM technology in these or other socket designs.  


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