biodesigns uses the latest high resolution video consulting technology in order to provide an incredibly advanced and totally unique collaborative approach to rehabilitation.

In the upper limb market, and in more involved or complex cases of the lower limb market, there is an issue with limited exposure to large numbers of patients. This often results in the local clinician feeling unsure about how to take care of the patient and often he or she either calls in a consultant, which can be very expensive and can negatively affect the local clinician-patient relationship, or simply refers the patient away. Often, the consultant doesn't spend the time teaching as much as simply getting the job done, and is rarely available for follow-up.

With biodesigns, inc.’s new video consulting technology, the patient and the local clinician have access to one of the world’s foremost experts in prosthetic rehabilitation, at a fraction of the cost. Because of this, biodesigns can be “present” at nearly every stage of the prosthetic process and yet the local clinician remains in complete control.

Using a remote consulting model, travel costs can be eliminated, and the charge for the service can be greatly reduced as down time for the consultant is minimal. The local clinician-patient relationship is maintained, the clinician must perform all of the work, every stage of the fitting can be assisted (provided there are sufficient cameras available, or one can be permanently installed). Finally, a digital record of the fitting can be recorded for future cases provided HIPAA requirements are met.

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