With a highly advanced research, design and development capability, biodesigns' goal is to improve your prosthetic performance.

biodesigns was enlisted by DEKA Research & Development as the prosthetic interface/socket consultant on the next generation upper limb prosthesis for the military, a.k.a the "Luke Arm."

biodesigns is also involved in several products and continues to work with manufacturers to bring innovative products to market. A few are below:

Check out Otto Bock's PushValve and MagValve, two threadless expulsion valves for suction sockets. The threadless design allows the valves to simply click into place and slide out to remove. No more tools to carry or strained fingers. TRS's BAHA is a simple device that replaces the Northwestern Ring Harness and offers greatly enhanced functionality and comfort for UE patients. Finally, the Sure-Lok is the world's first cable lock and retainer system for body-powered prostheses.

Featured Item: Touch Bionics' i-LIMB Hand

With 5 independently powered digits, the i-LIMB is the world's first commercially available multi-articulating bionic hand. View our ad (pdf).
If you are interested in learning more about the i-LIMB hand, call us toll free at 1-800-775-2870 or email us.

See biodesigns' i-LIMB patient featured on The Doctors. Click here.